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2012-12-02 02:43 am

i meant it about this being biweekly

let's start this off strong )

ok warning i have no idea how long it is because i've been adding to it as i've been going along for the past two weeks so it's probably pretty long
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2012-11-28 07:20 pm

it's been exactly 2 weeks, so why not post another picspam?

i think i might start doing these to de-stress. it's obviously a very good idea.

so these are probably the worst things i've seen in the past two weeks )

ok that concludes this procrastination session, hope you enjoyed the ride!
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2012-07-16 02:59 am

fic recs

ok so since i've been doing homework/procrastinating lately i pretty much went through all of the fics on ao3 that i've ever read. here are the ones that i remember being good. i was planning on going through one direction fanwork or w/e but i haven't had time so suck it here you go:

harry/louis )

harry/niall )

harry/zayn )

liam/louis )

liam/niall )

liam/zayn )

louis/niall )

louis/zayn )

niall/zayn )

gsf )

also there's a ficathon going on here. i especially recommend this blowjob fic.


harry/liam, at the end because i don't want to have to edit all of my other links )

ok i tried to have at least 1 fic for every pairing but i obviously don't so sorry i guess. i will also probably procrastinate and update this so i'll let you guys know when i do or something.
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2012-07-07 02:05 am

this shit is legit: a one direction primer part 9

harry pairings! (harry/louis gets its own post because it's the biggest pairing~ and i have the most gifs.)

harry/liam aka lirry which sounds stupid )

harry/niall aka narry ugh ship names are gross )

yeah that's that. i only have one fic rec for this pairing so here: happy genius heroes where harry and niall are the worst super villains ever. next up: harry/zayn

harry/zayn aka zarry why does harry have the worst ship names? )
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2012-07-07 12:36 am

this shit is legit: a one direction primer part 8

ok let's talk about ships. tbh i ship ot5~ which is basically gsf but i actually find the term ot5 pretty qt because it's like more relationshippy than gsf?? anyway literally every friendship in this band is super great and seriously no one loves them as much as they love each other:

let's look at that a little more closely )
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2012-06-17 01:26 am

this shit is legit: a one direction primer part 1

I decided to split this into more entries to help with loading. This is out of control, you guys. Enjoy?

band background )
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2012-06-13 06:48 am

Quick Primer

Liam Payne

He's "The Responsible One." He's the third youngest in the band, but they call him Daddy Direction because he is forced to act like the voice of reason. Because of this, he's often characterized as being really smart/intellectual in fics, and that's just not true. Check out his twitter for some misspelling gems and general adorableness. He is the most active band member on twitter. He is almost no one's favorite, but he should be more popular. He's also the best singer in the band.

Performance uniform: plaid shirts

Niall Horan

"The Cute One." He's the baby of the band, even though is is the second youngest. He's from Mullingar, Ireland, and he is VERY proud of being Irish. It is his defining characteristic. He also loves food and eats a ton. He's basically the fandom bicycle. He looks really innocent, so a lot of people write him being everyone's bottom. He has a great friendship with the band's drummer, Josh Devine. He has been playing guitar since he was 11, and he has started playing with the band during live shows. Lately he's also been dressing like a bro, which is basically the most hilarious thing ever.

Performance uniform: Polos and sweaters

Louis Tomlinson

"The Mischievous One" according to himself. He is the oldest person in the band, but he often acts like the youngest. He has a very loud personality and likes to do things like bite his bandmates' necks during interviews. He loves Grease and football, in that order. He discovered his love for performing after being cast as Danny Zuko in his school's performance of Greece. His nickname is "Boo Bear" because apparently his mom called him that when he was SUPER young, and some interviewer asked about it and he got super embarrassed. I think he gets embarrassed easily so his loudness is a form of self-protection.

Performance uniform: Stripes and suspenders

Harry Styles

"The Sexual One." He's the youngest in the band, but he is fond of dirty jokes and he makes them in interviews. He speaks really slowly and is the tallest one in the band, but he slouches all the time. He has the second-best voice after Liam, and he gets a lot of solos. He gets nervous during his solos so the rest of the band fucks with him while he sings by messing up his hair and touching his ass. A lot of people think he's pansexual, because he definitely likes girls, but he also never uses gendered pronouns when speaking about what he's looking for in a partner, and he's been photographed at a gay bar wearing a "Love is Equal" shirt. He is my favorite because he is a really endearing person who tells girls off at signings for saying the word nigger and he is also a little shit. He's really subby.

Performance uniform: Blazers, collared shirts, and bow ties

Zayn Malik
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"The Pretty One." He's the second oldest in the band. He's half Pakistani, have British/English, and he is characterized as being the mysterious~ one because he's the quietest in interviews and has a good poutface. He is a self-described comic book nerd and he likes to draw cartoons of the other guys in the band. He used to be super shy and Simon had to make him go to the dance portion of the X Factor auditions. Now he is a lot more self-confident.

Performance uniform: Varsity jackets, boots, sweaters

OK I ran out of time so I'll do a proper picspam and also like a 4 part primer later.
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2011-05-15 04:54 am

it is 5 am and i am sick and this sucks.

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i think it looks like he's saying BAHB BAHB BAHB in this gif. it makes me smile.