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ok this is a great pairing because their personalities compliment each other so well, like louis brings out the fun in liam and liam grounds louis and it's good. yes. this is a good post that you should read about why this pairing is so gr8.

louis likes to bother liam and seriously it's like pigtail pulling and also louis doms the band but w/e that's a conclusion you should come to on your own anyway here are gifs of louis bothering liam

(they're both in on this one)

LOUIS DOMS THE BAND OK. in case you can't tell what's going on, louis dares liam to hold water in his hands, then tells liam to drink it. THEN when liam goes to drink the water, louis hits his hand so he gets water all over himself. oh wait i have gifs of liam explaining this:


ok liam is holding both of louis' hands here to stop him from bothering him can we talk about that?

actually they hold hands often

louis also touches liam's nipples a lot


and he likes to hit liam in the face with phallic objects like microphones and bananas

and also teddy bears

and sometimes things like this happen

liam doesn't take this shit lying down, though. he likes to bother louis back!

this is one of my favorites :)

liam throwing louis into a window to entertain the fans

and them just being cute ah (presented mostly without commentary because they just make my heart smile)

louis in liam's shirt aw :)

this is from a super qt interview where liam basically just touches louis and giggles the whole time (link)


louis and liam messing around

how could i almost forget the time they were duct taped together?

aw this just screams hs au doesn't it? :)


well ok

Here's an interview where Louis talks about the avengers and how sad he was when iron man almost died and he turned to Liam and was like make it stop ;_;. this is also a great interview for "louis domming the band" because he tries to make niall ditch his interviewer. anyway the relevant part is at 7:44 and here are the gifs in case you're not into watching louis:


fic recs!

and here's a qt fanvid

also somewhere there is a video of liam and louis holding hands for two minutes and someday i will find it and include it here.

NAILED IT here it is

oh and can we talk about how in this recent interview there was a moment where liam waited for louis to look at him and then did this:

to the microphone? STOP IT. if i were a tinhatter i could say that it looks like at 1:25 liam goes to do it but then louis turns away so he waits until 1:58ish to actually do it but i'm totally not that creepy so obviously i'm not saying it. also i'm super disappointed that no one has included louis in these gifs. (also this interview is gr8 because they all seem totally uninterested in the actual questions and goof around the whole time but i can't understand half of what they're saying.)

and here's a link to louis begging liam to come for a drink to end the post

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fucking precious

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