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hello hello! it is a lovely friday and i don't have any classes and i am very excited because i just got a ticket to see the kills! it's during finals week but i have a full day in between the concert and my last final so it's all good. i only have two days of classes left, which i can't believe. and one of those days i only have enhancing honors at 4:30, so it basically doesn't even count. i am also going to watch tangled tonight and i am super excited for that as well.

...that's it. have a wonderful day!

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in which i ramble about my my calc professor )

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cool story bro

on another note, ben and jerry's had free cone day yesterday. i hope you all went and enjoyed some ice cream.

intro post?

Apr. 8th, 2011 12:14 am
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alright, sweet. i'm pretty excited about this new dreamwidth location, especially because lj is apparently a bitch. i should probably be using proper capitalization for my intro post but i just did about 2 hours worth of chemistry homework so whatever. i don't even know if i need to do an intro post, but it feels weird not having any posts whatsoever. so i'm a biochem major, and i think that genetics is pretty much the coolest thing ever. i recently (as in, in the past 4 days) got super into the pacific, which i highly recommend.

i have absolutely nothing else to say, except that blebbing is one of my favorite geek words ever.

that will be all.

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