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Part 1

Liam Payne

Liam is from Wolverhampton in the UK. He is the third oldest in the band, and he is 18 19 now. He may turn 20 this year? Or next year I'm iffy on those things. He first tried out for the X Factor when he was 14, in 2008. He made it through to the judge's houses but was cut because Simon thought he was too young. He tried out again in 2010. He is a ridiculous human being with a great personality. He was on the reserve list for the 2012 Olympics for some track event, and he plays guitar and piano. He has the most "serious" personality in the band, so everyone (band mates included) calls him "Daddy Direction." They also call him Ginominose because his nose is so big.

He is currently dating a dancer he met on the X Factor named Danielle Peazer. She's five years older than him and is a background dancer for LMFAO. I'm sure she's done other stuff too, but I don't know that much about her. They're super cute and they've been together for a while. They broke up briefly last year for reasons that I don't know, but Liam was really torn up about it. He shaved his head and started partying and Louis acted like a dick in interviews to try to make Liam laugh and distract him from questions about girlfriends. Liam and Danielle eventually got back together. They have two dogs together. Danielle has a yellow lab named Brit and Liam has a husky puppy named Loki. At the concert I went to Liam said his dog is the one thing he couldn't live without. There have been lots of rumors lately about them breaking up again but I have no idea how true/false they are and I haven't really been paying attention.

Liam has two turtles. One is named Archimedes. I don't remember what the other one's name is, but it is equally ridiculous (it might be Boris). Danielle takes care of them while he's on tour. One of the turtles is missing a foot because the other turtle ate it. This is Archimedes:

He also really likes Toy Story, works out a lot, and interacts with fans on twitter all the time. His goal is to follow all of the people who follow him. He used to do twitcams all the time while all of the other members of the band were out partying, but I don't think he's done one recently. He only has one kidney so he told everyone that he couldn't drink, but Louis researched it and found out that he can. He still doesn't drink. He used to only have one working kidney, but last year his other kidney magically started working again so he started drinking. He didn't drink very much though until Danielle broke up with him and he started partying, and while that probably wasn't healthy I'm pretty sure he just parties like a normal 19 year old now. Just the other day was the birthday of one of the guys in their supporting band and Liam tweeted about not being able to remember the night before haha. In case you want to know my stance on this, I fully support him partying and living while he's young~ if you don't mind me saying so.

You can tell what year pictures are from by his hairstyle. In 2010/the early days, his hair looked like this:

In 2011, his hair looked like this:

And now, his hair looks like this:

Then he looked like this:

After he shaved his head (sometime in late 2012, I think I was abroad), he looked like this:

And now he looks like this:

Ok so that isn't a great picture of his hair but COME ON. Here's what he actually looks like now:

He's said on multiple occasions that he doesn't know how to read, and his twitter is full of misspellings. Or it used to be before he got autocorrect. I wasn't the one to think of this, but he could be dyslexic. But it is great. Here are some of my favorite tweets:

He is just a very sweet boy. Even when he gets angry, he seems harmless.

This is the prank that he chose to share with the world (sorry for twitter format):

He has a total mancrush on Taylor Lautner and asks him to take him to the gym on twitter

and he once decided to play with photobooth and upload every photo to twitter. For example:

He is just such a sweetheart, Jesus Christ


I have a lot of feelings about how adorable he is.

He used to be bullied a lot (read here) and started taking boxing because of it, and as a result he seemed kind of adverse to touching when he started out on X Factor? And like he didn't really know how to fit in with the rest of the band because he was so serious and unwilling to let loose and stuff, but he has finally been corrupted and he seems super self confident now and despite all of his bad past his gut reaction still isn't to hit back when people hit him (see the set called "everyone likes to bother Liam").



I have no idea what is going on in this gif but I like it.

Here he is gazing lovingly at his girlfriend, which I find really cute idk.

He is just adorable, ok?

But he's also sexy as hell don't get me wrong

Like I said before, he tries to take things more seriously than everyone else in the band. Here are some qt interviews with him:

A super old interview about his first kiss and how he asked out his first crush by singing to her:

This is a gr8 interview which is completely derailed by Louis and Harry dancing. Pretty much every Sugarscape video is great, seriously.

This is footage from one of their shows where Liam does a headstand and Harry grabs his crotch. Everyone likes to bother Liam, but I'll get to that later.

Here's a video that someone cut together from a twitcam that Liam did that lasted like 3 hours or something. The video is pretty adorable. Liam orders cookies and milk from room service and is just generally a ridiculous person.

I just don't understand how anyone can dislike him.

Here's a clip of an interview where they call Liam out on wearing his trousers too low and he apologizes to his mom.

I think I mentioned this before but Liam seems to really care about the fans. He recently tweeted angrily telling fans off for calling their hotel rooms incessantly on their one day to sleep in and then made a twitlonger later apologizing profusely and thanking the fans for being awesome.

OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT he recently has gotten a bunch of tattoos. It all started when he and Danielle broke up and he went and got a tattoo in arial that says "Only time will tell..." that goes under his watch thank god because it's his worst tattoo

But then he got one that's four arrows all pointing in one direction and he said "no one gets points for guessing what this is for" BECAUSE IT REPRESENTS HIS BAND GROSS

The one on his opposite arm is also for his band. It says "everything I wanted but nothing I'll ever need" because "all i'll ever need is my family and these four boys right here">" STOP IT LIAM.

He also got a feather tattoo:

And he, Louis, Harry, and Zayn all have screw tattoos on their ankles. Harry and Zayn did theirs together and Louis and Liam went to a parlor and got theirs done together.

idk bro basically Liam is awesome and everyone should like him but he's really underappreciated.

Part 3: Zayn

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