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Niall Horan

He is Irish and proud of it. That's pretty much his defining characteristic, actually. I guess he's the most blokey guy in the band. He's super into rugby and football, and the boys always make fun of how much he likes pints. He loves Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, and his celebrity crush is Demi Lovato. He also loves President Obama

Most of all, he loves food. You'd think that that's one of those things that fandom just exaggerates ridiculously, but he seriously does love food. He talks about being hungry all the time, and there's a video from some signing where he asks a girl for a bite of her sandwich and gets super annoyed when she says no. He mentions his love for food in tons of different interviews.

Niall/food otp:

He can also speak Spanish! And he knows all the words to the Macarena (Watch the whole thing for the band failing to dance, Liam saying that he can't read like always, and Harry getting mad at a fan who keeps pretending it's her tweet):

His main function in band interviews is laughing at everything that everyone else says. I think it's cute, whatever man.

Here's a video of him drunk dancing at the afterparty of a JLS concert. You only need to watch the first like 30 seconds of the video or so.

The only person who dances worse than him is Harry, and they both love to dance. It's GREAT. He is "famous" for doing rockstar high jumps and fake Irish step dancing onstage.


Him doing the worm, jfc.

He used to look like a total baby with his crooked teeth and bleached hair:

And now he looks like a total bro, which is the most hilarious thing ever.

He also looks vacant or confused most of the time, and I find it very amusing. Here's a picture of him laughing alone by a wall:

But he has a better bitchface than he's given credit for

He has played the guitar since he was 11, and he plays onstage for some of their songs.


Here's a "cheeky video" of him playing guitar in a bathroom for Olly Murs, who was an opening act for the US tour they're on now.

And here's a link to a video of Niall playing guitar for a different opening act. If you want to start liking Niall, follow the tumblr.

He's super chill and very easygoing. I don't have any super awesome videos of just him, except for this video of him dancing and being ridiculous. You might have to actually like him before you watch the video, but I think it's hilarious.

This is a stupid reason to like him, but everyone in the band likes him.

Here's an interview in which the band talks about how they would feel worst about killing Niall in a post-apocalyptic arena and how they'd let him kill them.

This interview is also great for Niall the Irish Prince of Mullingar (his hometown), the band talking about how they're going to further the education of their fans by using big words, and how they're going to film themselves doing One Direction (Niall is Juliet and he's totally ok with it). Most of the video is worth watching, I think, but you could always start around 4 minutes in. The very end of the interview references this super long interview:

This interview is great because Niall almost has a heart attack when he's asked to pick his favorite dessert and everyone thinks that the interviewer calls Louis a ball-licker (she says bowl, but with an Australian accent). The interview is super long but you can start watching at 8 minutes in and then skip 11:20 to whenever you feel like it for the interviewer getting intimate with Harry.

I get the sense that Niall gets closest to the little people they work with, because he has super great friendships with their drummer and the people they bring on tour, and he always thanks all of the people they work with. There's a video that I've only seen gifs from where he goes around the venue they're playing in and introduces literally everyone they come across. I also think that the spotlight makes him kind of uncomfortable. He gets claustrophobic in big crowds, and all of the other guys hug him to make him feel safe.

There are tons of pictures and videos of him filming everyone else, and I get the sense that he would normally be a behind the scenes kind of guy. But I have no idea if that's true to life, and he tried out for the X Factor, so.

Now a picspam, because even though I don't find Niall attractive except sometimes when he's super bro-y (whatever man, I admit that I have bad taste), he's still sweet.


This was him failing at acting on iCarly.


A gif set of a fan telling him that he's beautiful and him getting embarrassed

He's also super sassy on his twitter and uses it like he's having a conversation with the world. What a fool.


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