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i think i might start doing these to de-stress. it's obviously a very good idea.

:( snapbacks may be a weakness of mine. don't judge.

speaking of snapbacks, here's both niall and liam wearing them! also louis holding a baby but let's ignore the general creepiness of this picture.


will i keep this gif?

these are terrible

this might be even worse


oh hey remember this?


get at me tbh

why aren't there any nantucket aus? or just cape cod, i'm not picky

(this is totally relevant)

also there should be a million more uni aus please and thank you

these just make me want a james bond/spy au

and this makes me want a southie au

seriously where is it???

(link to the original photoset because i took all but 2 pictures sorry)

drums AND a snapback oh no

this is a manip but someone needs to write me this au where they're all skaters

this is a thing?

i don't understand either

it's also really hard to reconcile this

with this

also this is a gif of liam wearing a onesie and still looking hot. i don't understand.

have you guys seen these?

no thank you

oh hey apparently this happened too

and this

i legit have no idea why there aren't more pictures of zayn in this. he's definitely the best looking sorry one direction

seriously though

ok that concludes this procrastination session, hope you enjoyed the ride!

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