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(these 2 gifs may be the reason i decided to make a post this week)

harry wearing a snapback WHILE WORKING OUT jesus christ


this is also a terrible picture


i am so confused about this but it happened

let's not talk about louis


have i posted this before oops

let's not talk about how attractive i find everything in this photo

hey bb

harry moaned at the concert

and liam made fun of him



with a guitar and zayn looks wicked hot, so

zayn's haircut looks so fluffy

oop did i post this already??

did i talk about a skater au in this post? because seriously

i am not sure if this applies because harry looks like a burberry model but liam could be a skater bro

ps have you guys seen this? (linked because it's a tumblr video but it's a montage set to clique by kanye west so you should watch it.)

also this is a video where they play catch with drew brees?

ok warning i have no idea how long it is because i've been adding to it as i've been going along for the past two weeks so it's probably pretty long

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