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Harry Styles

His nickname is Haz/Hazza, for reasons that I have not yet divined. He's from Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. He came up with the name One Direction, and he has a beautiful soul.

He was in a band called White Eskimo that won a talent show, and that's what made him audition for the X Factor. He gets a lot of solos. He started out as a little baby with a penchant for skinny scarves, but he's been working out a LOT and now he's hot.

Skip to 1:40 in this video.

Gif from the video:

He is portrayed as being overly sexual. He got in a lot of trouble on the end of the X Factor for saying that the winner could get a lot of pussies now, and he makes dirty jokes in interviews. He dated a woman named Caroline flack who was 14 years older than him, and he has supposed nudes. A lot of people think he's pansexual, and he definitely does not seem straight. He refuses to use gendered nouns or pronouns in interviews where he's asked what he looks for in a girl, and he has been photographed at a gay bar and wearing a "Love is Equal" shirt. According to this interview he was caught in a threesome BEFORE X FACTOR YOU NAUGHTY CHILD.

He is also just like, a really caring person. Here's a video of him telling a fan that saying "nigger" is wrong.

Here he is saving a fan from getting crushed and looking like he wants to have sex with her.

Here he is telling fans to take down a sign that says "Pussy"

When asked about having sex with girls, he says that he doesn't want to objectify women. He is just a very decent human being and he is SO GREAT UGH.

He's also a little shit, and he loves to bother his bandmates. I'll get to that in a later post, but here he is bothering Liam:


He also gets a little bit of stage fright. They debuted What Makes You Beautiful at a concert called Red or Black, and Harry was super nervous. Here's part of their documentary about their first live TV performance, at a show called Red or Black. You should definitely watch the whole thing.

In case you don't want to watch it, Harry psychs himself out and doesn't get enough breath for his solo and he struggles during his solo, and then he pretty much breaks down because he feels like he let everyone down, and then he goes on twitter and searches for bad comments about him :( :( :( and it makes me want to cry because I have so many Harry Styles feels, man. Jesus.

ANYWAY because he gets so nervous, the other guys try to distract him during his solo so that he doesn't focus on his nerves.

Here is Harry telling them to stop touching his ass during his solo.

His worst habit is getting naked all the time.

He is also super subby.

Here is a video of Louis wiping his face on a towel and giving it to Harry to use:


Here is a game that the band plays called "Spin the Harry"

Here is everyone playing leapfrog over Harry. The way Louis manhandles him...

Here is Harry changing the lyrics to a song to "what a lie," possibly because Louis told him to, and Louis loving it.

Here he is possibly changing some lyrics from More Than This to "she can deep throat" (or chicken dipper?), skip to 2:20


And here he is changing the lyrics from I Want to "blow a kiss, blow a job (although some people think he said child?), you could be preoccupied, different dick every night." Excuse the fanmade subtitles.


Here he is changing the lyrics from Torn to corn and finding it so funny

Changing the lyrics to Scooby Doo

Ugh he has such a stupid sense of humor, I love it. Here he is telling a joke that he made up when he was seven:

I love how supportive the fan is in this. It's also good for Niall/food otp because his Nandos order is seriously long.

Here's Harry doing a Valley girl accent.

He also has a great face


But he is an AWFUL actor

His hair is ridiculous and swoopy. Here he is trying to flip it the opposite way

He can kind of play guitar

and he recently played the drums at one of their shows.

He has really big hands.

He's such a special snowflake

But my favorite thing about him is that he CAN'T DANCE at all, and he doesn't let that stop him.

These two gifs are from a twitter question that asked "Do you have the moves like Jagger?"

Pat the dog, screw the lightbulb

With a spin!

Bigger and in color:


The sprinkler ugh the way he felt the need to describe it in that interview I can't handle him.

Here he is doing the potty dance, poor soul


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