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fic recs

ok so since i've been doing homework/procrastinating lately i pretty much went through all of the fics on ao3 that i've ever read. here are the ones that i remember being good. i was planning on going through one direction fanwork or w/e but i haven't had time so suck it here you go:

*tornadoes are for you by [personal profile] myteethsharper. ~12,000 words. au where one direction is a punk(/hipster punk) band and louis has trouble with getting what he wants. there's going to be a liam/zayn sequel!

hiding out in the kitchen by littlemouseling. 28,340 words. Harry's in an internationally famous boyband with his three best mates, he gets laid on a pretty regular basis, and he's headed to Australia in a week. He doesn't need anything else, and he certainly doesn't need a boyfriend. If this nice guy he met in a coffeeshop wants to date him, great—but that's all it is. Right?

stand up by littlemouseling. 2,243 words. Louis has one technique, and only one, for getting someone to like him: making them laugh. He’s used it since he was in year five, and he can’t say it’s really worked all that well, but it works better than not trying at all. The thing is, though, Louis has made Harry laugh loads of times, and it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.

long nights, hard times by drunktuesdays. 4,039 words. He didn't offer further explanation, because "I'm in a no-sex bet" would probably cause more questions than it would answer.

nice boy seeks same for hookup by littlemouseling. 6,348 words. Louis wants to lose his virginity but doesn't want anyone at school to know he's gay. In order to finally get with a guy, he posts an ad on Craigslist. Harry Styles answers. this is surprisingly cute!

set all my regrets on fire by pendules. 4,350 words. AU. Harry's in an indie rock band, and Louis is Britain's hottest new popstar. They don't meet by coincidence. and the sequel, always holding onto stars, 3,315 words.

but i won't ever let them make a loser of my soul by [personal profile] jannika. 17,800 words. New York Cinderella-ish AU where Louis is a famous out and proud pop star who records on the highly successful label owned by his own family, Zayn is his for-publicity boyfriend, Liam is a sound engineer and fairy godmother of sorts, Harry is aspiring musician who works at the worst bakery in the world, and Niall is Harry's coworker who is pretty sure they're getting paid in mafia money.

*a chance of overtime, say, my place at nine by [personal profile] folkloric_feel. 13,500 words. Louis works for a theater box office and hates it, Harry is a good friend for Liam and Zayn's anniversary, and Niall's a smartass who's just worried his roommate's lusting over an ugly ninety-year-old with phone-transmittable gonorrhea. It is, in fact, as silly as it sounds.

*if you're oprah, i'll be stedman by [personal profile] folkloric_feel. 16,500 words. a drake and josh au but you should read it because it's adorable.

ok i don't feel like going through every fic by these people so check the one direction tag at their community. i would put a lot of it on this list.

happy genius heroes by blackwave. 4,399 words. Niall is an aspiring evil genius (who isn't very evil at all). Harry is his pretty assistant. Liam is the visiting friend and Louis and Zayn are meddlesome superheroes.

just smile by [personal profile] harriet_vane. 9,833 words. Harry and Niall decide to go to the prom just as friends. It doesn't work out quite as planned.

heart skips a beat by harriet_vane; 27,582 words of a university au where harry kisses everyone until he meets zayn, who he wants to kiss and have it mean something.

*sharing the moonlight with you by misprinting. The one where Liam turns into a bear. YOU GUYS THIS IS THE CUTEST THING EVER.

**better with you by [personal profile] harriet_vane. 38,147 words. Single parent and solo artist Liam Payne hires Louis Tomlinson to be a full time nanny to his four year old son Sammy. Although the two men don't quite click from the start it's love at first sight between Sammy and Louis. Eventually Louis and Liam warm up to each other and get on like a house on fire, in fact the two become a little too fond of each other. OK YOU GUYS I LIED THIS IS THE CUTEST THING EVER UGH.

*someone like you by harriet_vane. 28,201 words. A high school AU in which no one goes to school, ever. Liam has a crush, and then he runs into his crush at a party, and everything gets very complicated. if you haven't read this already... i don't even know what to tell you.

*or loud and out of key by aceface. 7,815 words. internet celebrity au where liam does music reviews and louis is a youtube star.

wishing on a wishing star, a cute high school au. 4,125 words. it also has a prequel (strangers for a moment) which might actually be cuter but the main pairing is matt/aiden (2 guys from the x factor who were basically adam/kriss except obviously not and also way more hipster) and one direction are the background characters.

stitching up the seams by [profile] cheese_cak3. 9,945 words. a bodyguard au that made my chest hurt. now with a 2,153 word sequel.

when the best part of me was always you by . 15,345 words. louis and liam soul bond and it causes a lot of angst. ok i don't fully remember this one and the formatting sucks but i think it was ok?

operation: kissing liam; 2,799 words. louis doesn't realize he's in love with liam, but pretty much everyone else does.

it's baseball season by end_thistragedy. this is notfic but it's 4,305 words of high school au where liam worries about everything because he's on the baseball team and also he and louis pine after each other.

also pretty much anything by sparkbyspark, especially
pick me, where liam and louis go through the x factor as solo artists
and this one where they're all internet celebrities

probably bad luck anyway this is a fic where louis suddenly can't be more than 10 feet away from liam

hey boy, i really wanna be with you is a nice piece of pining from liam's end

hurry up already poppy by aceface. 12,264 words. louis is on the school paper and liam is a track star, and there is mutual confusion.

here is a reclist by lewispayne.

friend is a four letter word by monscandal. 2,570 words. niall breaks his arm and can't jerk off, so liam helps him.

for your life by saltedwater. 7,020 words. Liam is the runner sent out on missions to find supplies, gather information, and most importantly, not be killed—or worse. Zayn is the communications officer tasked with keeping him informed and bringing him home.

the visible beauty of a voice that sings, 5,263 words. liam has synthaesia.
"You have the most beautiful voice I've ever seen," Liam says, whispering because it's a secret, because it's truer than anything he's ever said in his entire life.

the difference between knowing and knowing; 20,208.
“They say I’m in a band,” Liam tells his mom. He squeezes his eyes shut, his phone pressed tight against his ear. “I don’t even remember any of it.” In which Liam gets temporary amnesia and forgets things even more important than the fact that he's in a band.

take a shot for me; 4,000 words of zayn the rapper trying to impress liam the bartender who is trying not to stroke zayn's ego.

the one where zayn's a hip hop artist and liam is a big fan; 2,439 words.
Liam really, really wants to go to the Zayn concert that night, but he’s stuck working, and Louis can’t cover his shift because it’s his mom’s birthday, and no one else wanted to cover for him because they’re all terrible coworkers who are actually going to be at the concert. There’s nothing that Liam can do about it, and so he should stop complaining.

tell me nothing will ruin us; 2,483 words.
Hogwarts AU. In which Zayn is more Ravenclaw than Slytherin, Louis is smitten with an actual Ravenclaw, and people are more than what they seem.

promises, swear them to the sky by pendules. 2,753 words. Footballers AU, where they play for their boyhood club until Liam decides to leave. Maggie, if you haven't read this yet you should, because you'd probably enjoy it 10000 times more than I did.

hold without touch by pendules. 2,214 words. AU. Zayn's the worst bartender in the world (according to Louis) and Liam's lonely and in a band.

takes your love to lift me up by [personal profile] jannika over at [personal profile] theborogoves. 10,500 words. An AU in which they all have super powers and Zayn is pretty sure that makes them superheroes, even if Louis says he's wrong. Liam has a secret, Niall can stop time, and Harry wants them to save the world.

skin that shows in patches by [profile] intherubble. 5,000. louis does makeup tutorials on youtube and he gets liam to do his makeup for a video.

in a foreign tongue by addandsubtract. 734 words. niall speaking spanish gets louis hot.

keep your issues drawn by flimsy. 1,834 words. louis and zayn are cops in the 1950s and louis gets off on pain sometimes.

fevered. 7,740 words of niall/zayn porn in the hot texas sun. read this in an air conditioned room or in front of a fan. (um, warning for exhibitionism?)

the come on over series, 6,000+ words of artist!zayn/fratbro!niall au and it is THE BEST THING and you should read it because it makes me smile. (also i was picturing zac efron as the zac in part 2 which makes everything better).

must admit i've been holding back; 4,284 words. zayn pines for niall, basically.

*crawl into your atmosphere by [profile] spisby; 39,942 words. Niall doesn't see it coming. Zayn's on the football team. Niall's in marching band. This isn't supposed to happen, except... then it does. or on lj

white shadow waltz by [profile] dawktah. 7,326 words. fight club au, but happier.

*but who knows which parts are true? by blackwave. 6,759 words. Niall's a smooth criminal. Louis is his partner in crime. Zayn and Harry are the guys who are trying to catch them and Liam's new.

still dreaming? by oanja. 9,527 words. The one where Zayn has a lot in common with Sleeping Beauty, Harry wants to be Prince Charming, Niall really doesn't want to be it, Louis has his own problems and Liam keeps surprising Zayn again and again.

*fuck with you by cyclogenesis aka addictedkitten. 10,263 words. Harry and Louis talk dirty. Niall talks back. i feel the need to warn you guys that this is really porny. REALLY PORNY. but i really like it so whatever, it get a star.

take the edge off also by cyclogenesis. 17,579 words. Who knew what secret gay feelings might be lurking about in the hearts of boys? another warning for porn?

to be the friction in your jeans by heartroots. 19,541 words. harry is an exhibitionist and he likes getting a reaction out of the other guys. i had some issues with how rude harry is here but it's not an awful story and it's long and there are so few longfics that this is included (ok this isn't really an awful story, i didn't include any that i didn't like at least a little).

life on the moon by bail. 11,334 words. kind of angsty but good if you're looking for a longer fic.

also there's a ficathon going on here. i especially recommend this blowjob fic.

gen i guess
a boy inside a voice by addandsubtract. 2,473 words. At age five, Niall doesn’t understand that he isn’t supposed to answer the unasked questions. That the how do I read this word? or where did the green marker go? at school should be ignored unless he can hear it with his ears.

*pumped up kicks by lemonface. 16,507 words in two parts. au where they're assassins.

*and everything starts today by addandsubtract. ONLY 907 WORDS BUT IT'S A HOCKEY AU AND IT'S ACTUALLY GOOD READ IT PLEASE.

*wishing (will make it so) by harriet_vane. 16,777 words. adorable wwii evacuated kids au.

niall/justin bieber which is the best pairing don't hate
in love with the thought of you by lookingatstars. 1,412 words. Niall doesn't have a google alert set up for Justin Bieber and even if he does, no one can prove it.

delicacies by [profile] lnr_fics. 13,000 words. Liam is confused, Louis is confusing, and Harry is Harry. takes place during x factor.

it hurts, but it's worth it by words_unravel. 13,569 words. always-a-girl!liam and louis. Liam finds the shots of the three of them, rolling around and laughing, a week or so later during a late night. After a moment's pause, she saves one of the photos, giving it some inane, boring name. She shuts down her computer after that and goes to bed. It takes a long time before she falls asleep.

also longfic recs by louciferpayne

also check out the borogroves.

what's mine is yours (2,706 words) and the more the sun will shine (19,225 words), both part of the harry styles is really good at sex series by [personal profile] harriet_vane. always-a-girl!liam/boy harry. it's mostly porn but with bonus harry feelings.

however you want to do it by [personal profile] harriet_vane. 3,454 words. always-a-girl!harry takes a cooking class and meets liam.

never look surprised by daisysusan. 10,436 words. liam breaks his wrist and harry helps him out with bonus feelings.

ok i tried to have at least 1 fic for every pairing but i obviously don't so sorry i guess. i will also probably procrastinate and update this so i'll let you guys know when i do or something.