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liam/niall is actually a super qt pairing. friendship-wise it's another brotherly kind of relationship; i think niall has said that he looks up to liam like an older brother even though they're super close in age. basically they're both puppies and so they're adorable together. liam has confirmed "niam" on a few different occasions in like interviews and twitcams and stuff.

sidenote: i really like how comfortable liam seems to be with the shipping stuff? i mean a lot of it has to do with having less crazy fans than harry/louis, but i like that liam is confident enough in his relationship with danielle to provide fanservice for the fans who are into liam/niall and liam/zayn. i just think it's cool idk. anyway back to liam/niall! they're cute together!

idk for like romance~ i see this mostly as a crush that niall has on liam and liam is oblivious/too wrapped up in his hotass gf to notice or he thinks it's just to make the girls scream so he just goes with it

or it's like mostly brotherly on liam's part but niall's got a crush idk

i don't remember the exact circumstances in the video but niall takes off his sweatshirt to give it to liam here:

blowing kisses aw

here is liam trying to stop niall from saying something and niall licking liam's hand because they're super mature like 17 year olds or something here

this is niall whispering in liam's ear and it kind of looks like a kiss on the cheek (maybe it was fanservice?)

like you can see the pucker here

this is like the most awkward prom ever where liam is too nervous to ask niall to dance until finally he just goes for it

this one time they did a twitcam together and messed around and were super qt and niall looked really attractive even though it was before his "second puberty" aka he stopped looking like a 16 year old and started looking like an 18 year old


i want them to be bros, even though liam is so not a bro-type.

shirts vs. skins sports practice? yes please!

wrestling like mates

fic recs

ok in conclusion despite everything i just said they'd still be a super cute couple idk the end.

ok i feel like i should make a whole separate post about liam/zayn but i really like the idea of a liam/niall/zayn threesome so they're all going in the same post :)

liam/zayn is actually a really sad pairing because a lot of it is based on zayn being totally in love with liam but it's unrequited. there are all kinds of ways that i could make this sad because liam really seems to love his girlfriend and i could be like "well liam obviously knows about zayn's crush and feels uncomfortable about it because he doesn't return his feelings, so he pulls away from zayn and focuses on his bromance with niall" or something. but i haven't really read any sad fics because idk i just haven't? maggie you should rec some.

they say that they love each other a lot, and they always say really nice things about each other

sidenote i hate when people blur out the other people in gifs

(ok but seriously zayn used to always talk about the bromance between himself and liam)

(here's zayn getting upset because the interviewer asked about the liam/niall bromance)

and this is how liam reassures him jesus

here's liam trying to distract zayn after he's asked about going home for his uncle(?)'s funeral

and zayn protecting liam from harry

sometimes zayn likes to bother liam


also hey it's canon that they kissed

(i think there's a video interview where zayn says this? but i can't remember)

zayn making little dolls of them kiss

also they like to snuggle a lot

do i need to repost this?

and the way that zayn looks at liam can be heartbreaking sometimes


liam sometimes returns the looks (but he really just looks like a puppy all the time so who knows what he's thinking?)

liam is always offering to teach zayn how to do things, like swim or dance or play guitar

one time he found a necklace and gave it to zayn

this is liam hitting zayn in the ribs and seriously his face after zayn says that he's hurt and the way he goes to touch it wow i didn't realize that i had so many feelings about this pairing...

they are also all about stagegay/touching each other on stage. zayn in particular likes to touch liam's face.

and liam's dick

(louis' also totally going for it here)

and kiss him on the head

and just kiss him

(liam doesn't seem to mind)

and touch his lips

some nice dry humping/grinding between mates

here's liam trying and failing to rip zayn's shirt open

this is just a qt hug but then liam picks zayn up (can you see it in the gifs? i'll find the video later ig)

also this one time liam grabbed a fan's camera and started filming and this is what zayn did (i'm including it because zayn is gorgeous gdi)


this is liam grabbing zayn from behind and manhandling him offstage

idk what's going on here but in this interview they're asked about their christmas plans with their significant others and liam starts singing dick in a box

ok this is pretty subtle but liam is RUBBING ZAYN'S ARM WITH HIS CHEEK WHAT

so basically i want all of the aus about zayn the boy from the wrong side of the tracks but who is secretly super sweet falling in love with liam the good boy

(this is from an interview where they pretend to be dicks who don't have time for the interview)

this would totally be them taking stupid couples pictures on photobooth. in conclusion they would be a super adorable couple don't deny it.

fic recs

ok now tbh niall and zayn is one of the best pairings possible. i mean first of all they're both beautiful obviously and they'd just be really aesthetically pleasing together. also they would be great party buddies at like, frat parties/chill parties where there's just as much weed as there is alcohol. i can also see when they were younger niall having a crush on zayn because he was just so cool.

idk with these photos all i can think of is zayn and niall the arms dealer couple (no one can tell who's just the one who looks pretty and who's the one who does all the work. the answer to both questions is both of them) and liam the assassin (he's so good because no one ever suspects him and also he works for the government) being given these surveillance photos because they're his next targets, but he accidentally falls in love with both of them and they fall in love with him the end.

holding hands under a scarf?

holding hands onstage?


(like seriously b boys au where they dance and then meet liam who starts beatboxing for them yes please)

i want alllll the college aus, especially the frat ones. also it has been pointed out that this looks like the opening of a video from brokestraightguys.com, which is a porn website featuring videos of two guys who are "straight" and have gay sex for the first time for money. i'm sure you're shocked and couldn't tell that at all from the title. ANYWAY THE POINT IS NIALL IS AN ABSOLUTE BRO AND ZAYN COULD BE HIS WEED DEALER AND THEY COULD HAVE LOTS OF FUN CASUAL HOOKUPS TOGETHER.

also zayn loves niall. i guess there's some interview where he said that he's super protective of niall? idk i haven't seen it.

and also i don't have gifs saved but to continue the pokemon analogies from above, in the same interview where zayn said that liam was jigglypuff he said that his favorite pokemon was oshawott and then he SAID THAT NIALL WAS OSHAWOTT. STOP IT ZAYN.

ok anyway so niall is also all about the stagegay, especially with zayn

like is this some kind of gay chicken? they seem to be enjoying themselves

i have literally no idea what is going on here

but sometimes they're just really cute on stage together

(zayn fixing niall's tie and collar)

this gif is super lightened but this is niall biting zayn's fingers :)

oh and also they hug a lot

this just looks like such a nice hug

ok to get tinhatty even though this isn't my otp or anything(update: this is like my second otp for the band even though that's like the antonym of otp anyway) i like the way it looks like niall really wants to reach out for zayn here but he controls himself

also i guess one time they did a shirtless twitcam together?

i wouldn't say no to an au in which they're bros who do porn together.

fic recs!!!


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god rebecca
liam/zayn is sad and tragic but lately is becoming the sane person's alternative to larry so A+ for ziam, also when zayn sings romantic lyrics like AT LIAM its just 2 much dude
and i've really been feeling niall/zayn lately
i like everything with zayn though lets be honest with ourselves

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