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let's start this off strong )

ok warning i have no idea how long it is because i've been adding to it as i've been going along for the past two weeks so it's probably pretty long
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i think i might start doing these to de-stress. it's obviously a very good idea.

so these are probably the worst things i've seen in the past two weeks )

ok that concludes this procrastination session, hope you enjoyed the ride!

fic recs

Jul. 16th, 2012 02:59 am
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ok so since i've been doing homework/procrastinating lately i pretty much went through all of the fics on ao3 that i've ever read. here are the ones that i remember being good. i was planning on going through one direction fanwork or w/e but i haven't had time so suck it here you go:

harry/louis )

harry/niall )

harry/zayn )

liam/louis )

liam/niall )

liam/zayn )

louis/niall )

louis/zayn )

niall/zayn )

gsf )

also there's a ficathon going on here. i especially recommend this blowjob fic.


harry/liam, at the end because i don't want to have to edit all of my other links )

ok i tried to have at least 1 fic for every pairing but i obviously don't so sorry i guess. i will also probably procrastinate and update this so i'll let you guys know when i do or something.
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harry pairings! (harry/louis gets its own post because it's the biggest pairing~ and i have the most gifs.)

harry/liam aka lirry which sounds stupid )

harry/niall aka narry ugh ship names are gross )

yeah that's that. i only have one fic rec for this pairing so here: happy genius heroes where harry and niall are the worst super villains ever. next up: harry/zayn

harry/zayn aka zarry why does harry have the worst ship names? )
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ok let's talk about ships. tbh i ship ot5~ which is basically gsf but i actually find the term ot5 pretty qt because it's like more relationshippy than gsf?? anyway literally every friendship in this band is super great and seriously no one loves them as much as they love each other:

let's look at that a little more closely )
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I decided to split this into more entries to help with loading. This is out of control, you guys. Enjoy?

band background )

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