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Part 1: Band Background
Part 2: Liam Payne
Part 3: Zayn Malik
Part 4: Niall Horan
Part 5: Louis Tomlinson
Part 6: Harry Styles

Other People You Should Know

They have a Zack. His name is Paul Higgins, and he does pretty much exactly what Zack did for Panic!

Including carrying the band members.

The band has harassed him on twitter and told his wife that he ate a cookie while he was on a diet.

They also have a live band!

Their drummer is Josh Devine, the pretty one. Here is his twitter, which I have never looked at. He is a bro like Niall and they have a great friendship. Here are a ton of pictures of them being friends:

Them taking pictures of each other on the tour bus...

Drunk in Ireland

Drunk in Ireland part 2

Being foolish

Josh seems like a cool dude.

The other members of the band are Sandy Beales (guitar) and Dan Richards (piano, I think). They don't get as much attention and I don't really care so I'm not putting them in. SORRY.
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