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the most obvious pairing

i feel like if you know anything about one direction, you know that they have the ultimate bromance. like, do i even really need to talk about this?

(i think in dare to dream louis says that he heard harry sing and knew that harry was going to go far so he got a picture with him.)

they're just really touchy-feely

(louis is teasing harry about having a crush on one of the girls in their video, i think)

i can't decide if i like the interviewer's reaction or liam's nonreaction more

louis hurt his finger and harry goes overboard kissing it better

sometimes their touching isn't quite so obvious

the crazy fans can see what you are doing there

(also they do this thumbs up thing which is apparently a symbol for lovers in asl? and this is important because harry has said a couple of times that he wants to learn sign language)

here's them doing it not super obviously~

and here's them being a little more obvious

ok it always takes me a few seconds to see what's going on in this gif which is louis squeezing harry's side. also does harry's face look really weird and fish-like here or is that just me?

their touching on stage is usually pretty obvious

(it kind of looks like louis wants to hold hands here but realizes it isn't the best idea so he goes for the hip? idk that's not my theory but idr who to credit)

louis sometimes likes to bite harry

and they like to look at each other a lot

jesus harry keep it in your pants

and whisper things that sometimes seem really inappropriate onstage. now normally i don't give any credit to stage whispers as a sign of love or whatever because like how else are you going to communicate with a bandmate in front of such a loud audience? unless you use the mic that's specifically for that purpose but then everyone can hear you and all of the crazy fans would be like WHY COULDN'T I HEAR THEM WHEN THEY USED THAT MIC UGH but that's not the point of this rant; the point is that louis reacts to these whispers in a way that is just slightly suspicious and also there's a little bit more manhandling than is typical even in this band. anyway rant over here are some hot gifs of whispering:

they also like to tease each other with phallic objects?

like harry what are you even doing here?

and louis is totally harry's dom

if you can't tell what's going on here, louis tells harry to lean back. and he does.

louis wipes his face on a towel and throws it to harry who buries his face in it. seriously?

harry might once have worn part of louis' shirt around his wrist? (not my theory)

fixing harry's bowtie

and collar

and hair

(ok idk why i can't find the second gif of this but in the interview harry gets told at least twice that his bangs are messed up and then louis says it and he immediately goes to fix them and then looks to louis for approval. come ON, man.) ok here is the video and actually harry tries to fix his hair when niall tells him to but then it's really obvious when louis tells him to fix it.

and sleeves

harry is a lot taller than louis.

and he's probably even taller now

but usually he stands so he's slouching and is as tall as/shorter than louis

and sometimes he seems pretty possessive of louis

this one time they did a video diary where louis was blindfolded

and one time they did one where louis duct taped his mouth

and they're also just obnoxious to everyone else together

also louis loves harry's hair

ok so the most famous thing about their epic love or whatever is that they went to leeds festival just the two of them and stayed in a tent together and just had a great time

and at some point louis gave harry his jacket

and harry posted something about hurting his ass there and also he still wears the leeds bracelet. ok he doesn't wear it anymore but he had it on for quite some time.

also one time they went on a ski vacation together

whether or not they're actually best friends, hook up buddies, or something else, their friendship is great.

so on the x-factor, louis got stung by a sea urchin and had to go to the hospital and when he got back harry was the first one to get to him even though liam was a track star

au where louis is harry's sous chef? they did this cooking show and revealed that harry cooks for louis because louis can't cook and harry taught louis how to whisk on the show

let's pretend that harry doesn't look like a demon here

lowering harry down because he was scared of jumping aw

like i just want a college au where they are roommates and they're best friends like immediately and they scare almost everyone off because they're so codependent so fast but really they just clicked immediately and they're nerds together and then they meet liam and zayn and niall and everyone becomes friends.

them with baby lux aw

hipster bf au please (lbr this isn't an au)

louis trying harry's drink/i just put this here because they both look attractive

this is just a nice picture

and it also makes me want an au where they're assassins who live the good life (and also are maybe friends with zayn and niall the arms dealers?)

i know this looks like jack and rose but really it's harry and louis.

to end, here they are skipping into the sunset

fic recs!
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