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louis ships that aren't with harry or liam

ok so i really can't see this in a sexual way unless it's part of gsf. sorry. but i think niall really looks up to louis and finds him absolutely hilarious, and i think that's cute. seriously niall laughs at EVERYTHING louis says, it's like when my younger brothers were younger than they are now and billy would say like pudding or something and michael would die of laughter. i'll try to find interviews later because there's one where louis keeps fooling around and niall keeps laughing and repeating it to himself because he just can't get over it.

also niall is like really dependent on louis, or at least he comes off that way in interviews. whenever he's asked about what he likes, he turns to louis (or sometimes another one in the band) and he just repeats the question. there's one where he's like "I LOVE ALL FOOD except this one kind of cheese... louis what's that cheese i don't like?" and louis is like "feta" and niall is like "YEAH THAT'S HORRIBLE" and whenever he's asked what his current favorite song is he turns to louis and is like "what's my favorite song?" and louis tells him.


they would also be gr8 party bros

teaching louis how to play something on guitar aw

this is niall giving louis flowers and it's so awkward but it kind of makes me want an au where niall does like sound or techs for a musical that louis' in and he falls in love with louis. it would be qt.

niall and his stagegay, man.

louis helping niall drink so he doesn't have to deal with his guitar/because louis doms the band lbr

also sometimes they're really in sync with each other and it's weird.

(obviously intentional but w/e)

oh here's that interview i was talking about!

and gifs for those of you who don't care to watch (you should though because zayn talks about everything he's afraid of)


a fic rec!

ok that's enough of that.

they are also drunk party bros and also partners in crime~ but seriously they always talk about how they're partners in crime and they just encourage each other to be little shits so obviously they're great together.

hipster party queens (and ik you guys know this but i'm not calling them queens as a slur but hipster party kings just doesn't sound right.)

everything about this is beautiful

zayn as the art student type~ and louis as the drama kid and zayn decides to try out for the play and they become bffls yesss

ballroom dancer au?

aw zayn can't swim so he has to wear one of those awful lifejackets

and now just pics of them being besties

and this is zayn teasing louis about his beard

zayn: "you grew a beard!"
louis: "i have got a beard, actually."
zayn: "so do i!"

everyone is friends the end

(oh wait here's a fic rec)
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