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harry pairings! (harry/louis gets its own post because it's the biggest pairing~ and i have the most gifs.)

tbh i don't really like this pairing on its own because despite how often harry grabs liam's crotch, it doesn't really seem sexual to me? idk i don't think i've read any harry/liam fics or anything and idk i'm not super big on it. i do really like the idea of them as best buds though.

but like idk liam just looks like harry's big brother in this picture.

aw helping harry save his bike :)

and here he seriously looks like daddy direction or w/e

and harry would be the most obnoxious brother and liam would secretly love it but pretend to be annoyed all the time idk

but as you saw in the ot5/gsf post, liam likes to bother harry. it's pretty great. harry likes to bother him back, particularly by shoving things in his face or grabbing his dick. here's a pic/gifspam of them bothering each other!

yeah that's it. the worst part of them wearing the same clothes all the time is that you can't tell that all of these gifs are from different shows but i'm pretty sure they are! unfortunately i don't have any fic recs for this pairing so i'll just direct you on over to gen and other recs sorry.

now for harry/niall:
idk i'm also not huge on this pairing. it's gr8 in like ot5 or w/e and sometimes it can be super duper cute but idk idk i guess i don't really ship harry with anyone other than louis? and maybe zayn but in a super casual sex way. but i'll get to that later, because harry and niall are still qties.

i totally forgot about this picture so i guess i could totally ship them as like bros who golf even though niall's a bro and harry's a hipster. or them getting high all the time and like lazily making out just because it feels good idk. nothing super romantic~ but definitely more than friends.

it totally looks like harry was going for a kiss here, even though he wasn't.

aw babies

they just seem like those friends you have who act gay for each other in a joking way all the time

although that doesn't really explain harry's actions directly following that hand kiss

~special looks omg~

why isn't there a radio host au yet?

ok so in making this ot5/gsf primer i've come to realize that i have a headcanon that niall is also kind of submissive? like he would do pm anything the band tells him, like run around screaming "i'm an idiot" (it actually happened) or play juliet or be an armrest. idk i felt like sharing that with you guys. just because.


this is harry falling and niall catching him.

in case you can't recognize their hands that's niall rubbing harry's back CHRIST

niall is definitely very touchy feely with harry

here's harry intentionally crashing into niall and then apologizing because he's an idiot

and niall "playing leapfrog" with harry

one more special look~ omg~

idek what this dancing is

but they do have a qt friendship

this is harry jumping on niall

yeah that's that. i only have one fic rec for this pairing so here: happy genius heroes where harry and niall are the worst super villains ever. next up: harry/zayn

like i said, i can totally see drunk hookups, but they also have a gr8 friendship (like everyone in this band, jesus christ).

i think i mentioned this signing before? i think it's the one where harry asks every fan to say something sexual to zayn.

i feel like zayn is way more tactile than he's given credit for, even though i have no grounds on which to base that opinion. it's 3 am, i'm having weird opinions.


i like how zayn makes fun of harry for twirling

woah there

i can see them being obnoxious friends in class causing trouble and making the teacher hate them. they're ridiculous together.

this is them messing around during louis' solo like IDIOTS

...liam posted this on twitter

zayn also likes to bother harry onstage, just like everyone else in the band

ok the end! i actually have a harry/zayn rec but you've probably already read it.
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