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once upon a time harry was in a really weird rap video doing this

and louis played a football game

this happened too

halloween was pretty much awful because first liam apparently bought himself this ridiculous batman costume

and then he and louis and zayn went out together

bringing this back because i can't remember if i posted it

and apparently they played football with drew brees oh my god

(this is niall and harry trying to pick up a football that drew brees threw)

and had a photoshoot in american football gear kill me now please (or make them do a photoshoot in ice hockey gear)

and they also did a photoshoot in suits and varsity jackets why isn't there more sports fic???

so here for this

this is totally related

i don't know what's going on here but i can dig it

and there was this time when zayn smoked with paint on his fingers

i don't want to talk about it

this exists???? (is it photoshopped?)

i remember when i thought i'd never care about one direction

get away from me



oh yeah zayn hurt his ankle once playing with justin bieber

what is this supposed to be? :(

liam cut his hair and now everyone rubs it in interviews

this one time in new york louis and liam bought nerf guns to shoot paps with and it made me want all of the war aus ever because

(also liam got tattoos ◕ ◡ ◕)


i c


still not talking about it


never ever

doesn't this seem so seasonally appropriate? i feel like i'm raking leaves right now...

werq zayn

niall in a scally cap get at me

i kind of like harry's collarbone tattoos kill me :(

this happened and it makes me want so many aus but i don't even know what they are

i honestly have no idea how this post is so harry dominated

no idea at all


same, harry

oh and there were these testimonials where liam wrote really nice things about everyone like it was a yearbook signing jfc

recent fic that i think i remember liking well enough

this town's been all over you by [personal profile] aimmyarrowshigh and [profile] spisby. gen but hints at future relationships between a bunch of people and includes a bunch of people from this year's x factor that i don't know, but it doesn't really matter. 17,865 words. everyone lives on a small island somewhere in the uk and works on the same street together.

harry/caroline flack
dear catastrophe waitress by [profile] mozarts_piano. 8,000 words; harry/caroline flack, louis/nick grimshaw, and liam/zayn. au where harry's still in college but has lots of older friends. there's not nearly enough harry/caroline in this fandom and this is fluffy but nice.

harry/dylan o'brien
how do you think it goes by makemesomelove. 15,072 words; harry/dylan o'brien. worth reading just for the way the teen wolf cast is written.
"I don't think we should film this," Dylan contemplates out loud. "I've done some embarrassing things, but this seems really embarrassing. He doesn't even know I exist."

"Yes he does," Posey says. "He added you on Twitter! He's not just adding random people on Twitter left and right. He knows you."

even when we fight by [profile] threeturn 30,300 words; harry/liam. University AU. Liam's the star of the debating society until Harry shows up and steals the spotlight. Meanwhile, Niall's in love, Zayn lives while he's young, and Louis looks after his friends. i had some issues with the way liam acted but overall pretty good.

cupid got me in a chokehold by badjujuboo. 12,109 words; liam/harry. liam doesn't need any more friends. aka liam accidentally acts like a dick all the time but ends up with harry anyway. cute.

stick your heart inside my chest, keep it warm here while we rest" by moutonrose. 13,843 words; louis/harry. Harry is a prince and Louis is a pop star. They meet and fall in love. cute enough.

harry/louis/george shelley
the following series by [personal profile] aimmyarrowshigh and [profile] spisby about harry/louis/george shelly from one of the boybands that was on the x factor this year. d/s handled very well. you don't need to know anything about him other than people think he is the lovechild of harry and louis even though he doesn't really look like them. if you really want to know, he looks like this. warnings for d/s and semi-public sex that verges on a humiliation kink (just once i think but i like to be warned for that sort of thing). read the warnings at the top of the page if you want a full list of warnings for each fic.

1. the world, it's turning inside out. 15,500 words. The night before the first live show of X Factor's ninth series, George meets Harry and Louis in a nightclub.

2. i don't care what they say. 28,000 words. George finds his place in the competition and in Harry- and Louis' relationship.

3. can't you see me here on overload. 63,000 words. "basically 63,000 words of D/s initiation, kink negotiations, sex, and Feeeelings."

4. my guilty pleasure, i ain't going nowhere. 53,500 words.

5. baby, just say yes. 30,000 words. This is a story about love and also blowjobs and also Barack Obama, if you read between the lines.

6. just what you're worth. 41,000 words.

kinda menage a trios sometimes by addandsubtract. 3,363 words; harry/louis/niall. frat!au where niall does science you guys, this is basically my kryptonite. and a prequel! never wake up on your own.

mastering the art of friends cooking by el_em_en_oh_pee. 7,744 words; harry/niall, liam/louis, zayn/perrie. they're all on a cooking show, basically.

harry/niall/nick grimshaw
three in a bed by brokendrums. 31,546 words. harry/niall/nick grimshaw. i think i enjoyed it but it gets sad at the end and i don't think it was resolved realistically.

harry/nick grimshaw
and if this is the only thing i want by estrella30. 9,195 words, harry/nick grimshaw.
This entire thing is insane. “Nothing,” Nick says firmly. “We’re just – I’m not going to do anything. We’re friends, we go out, we snog sometimes. End of story.” It’s already been pretty uncomplicated, Nick thinks, so really, it should be able to just keep going the way it’s been going without any kind of issues.

“If you say so,” Aimee says, and if she sounds doubtful, or mocking, or like she’s humoring him Nick chooses to ignore it.
idk if you like nick/harry but i am a fan.

he'd attend all your lectures by LittleMousling. 10,182 words, nick/harry. Harry asks Nick for tips on picking up men, and on what to do with them after that.

hold me down by estrella30. 14,346 words; harry/nick grimshaw. porn with LOTS of feelings and a fantastic caroline flack cameo. she's also written harry/jensen ackles and yeah if you like harry/nick check her stuff out.

play it again, louis by [personal profile] words_unravel. 1,882 words. In which Liam is tired and makes a silly mistake. Louis takes advantage because well, it's Louis. ADORABLE.

say, i tried to give my best before by [profile] cheese_cak3. 12,849 words; liam/louis, harry/niall, zayn/perrie. New Girl-esque!AU but not really. Liam moves in with Louis, Zayn and Harry while Niall goes to Sweden. lovely!

now that i'm older by blackwave. 7,568 words; liam/louis, niall/zayn. peter pan au!

if it's love, hold on tight by daisysusan. 24,250 words; liam/louis, harry/nick grimshaw. Louis is afraid of commitment and makes a right mess of things because of it.. i liked it well enough.

i can take you out (i can take you home) by [profile] asinfastmovies. 9,600 words. Niall wakes up a girl the day after the Brits and it drives Liam crazy. nice enough and long-ish.

five times liam doesn't ask, and one time zayn doesn't tell) by luxover. 2,031 words. It’s a few months later; Liam’s a Team Leader with Bravo One in Kuwait, just waiting for orders to head into Iraq, and Zayn’s his RTO. They’re friends now—brothers, even—and although Liam still wants what he wants, it still doesn’t matter because he still can’t ask Zayn if he’d maybe—if he’d ever want to. MILITARY AU YESSS

like my man cole porter said (i'm an anesthetic dancer) by [personal profile] jannika. 8,000 words; liam/zayn, harry/louis. A Jazz Era AU in which Liam and Louis are college students who go out to listen to music one night and find themselves in speakeasy owned by Zayn, who has his reasons, supplied by Harry who has a reputation he probably doesn’t deserve and guarded by Niall who is entirely too friendly for his line of work, really. Liam is afraid they're going to get arrested, Harry plays the piano, Louis wants the world to change, Niall likes it when everyone is happy and Zayn keeps his guests happy. Or one of them, anyway. nice liam/louis friendship as well.

louis/nick grimshaw
smaller than me by [personal profile] checkthemargins. 22,997 words. Harry's just finished his first year of uni on his way to becoming Dr. Harry Styles, Neurosurgeon. He's young, he has endless potential, three amazing best mates, a new love and the world at his fingertips. The fact that his new boyfriend may or may not be a sex-worker, of course, throws a wrench into the works. But it's not true. Really. Probably. It most definitely might not be entirely true. And that's all Harry needs to know. nice enough. nick pov.

three cheers for involuntary attraction by [personal profile] checkthemargins. 7,869 words, louis/nick grimshaw. the one where nick is accidentally dating louis.
and its sequel i think you have a problem with your brain being missing 13,040 words. Nick has a five month limit and Louis has pneumonia. avoid if you don't like nick pov.

something personal by checkthemargins. 10,570 words; nick/louis. Nick is a young, renowned neurosurgeon. Harry is his worker-minion. Liam is Harry's new boyfriend. Louis is Harry's best friend and an absolutely wretched little monster, and Nick is stupidly, stupidly in love with him. i liked it a lot more than i thought i would.

we go together by aliferuined. 7,979 words; zayn/louis, niall/demi lovato. T-Birds are forever. Very, very, very loosly based on Grease. It's basically a whole bunch of pining and quiffs.

weight will turn to sunlight by BlackWave. 6,384 words; niall/zayn. Zayn buys a house. As it turns out, it's already occupied. pretty much the only halloween fic i read and liked.
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