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Louis Tomlinson

Louis is from Doncaster in the UK. He is the oldest person in the band and probably the most immature. His personality is... loud. Very loud. He wanted to become a drama teacher before he auditioned for X Factor.

Like I said before, I think he acts so brash so that most of the world sees him on his terms, because he is easily embarrassed. For this reason, he acts as the interviewer in pretty much all of the self-made interviews/video diaries/game shows that the band does. Apparently he has a secret serious~ side and is good to talk to when you're down, but I obviously wouldn't know. He also seems like a super fun guy. Here is a picture of him drunk, and some guy tweeting about it:

His drunk finger point!!!

His name is pronounced Louee, the French way~ but apparently he used to go by Louis with the s pronounced, and then Simon Cowell pronounced it differently and he just went with it because you can't correct Simon Cowell.

He's absolutely ridiculous and has the best bitchface.

He's the shortest person in the band and I think he's pretty insecure about it. Here's a gif of him standing on his tiptoes so he's taller than some fans:

Literally all of their video diaries are good for Louis' obnoxious personality, so check out the other post I'm making with videos! Here's the "I like girls who eat carrots" video, which Louis has regretted forever.

Here's one of the Quickfire interview games. They're also in the video post that I'm making! The Quickfire videos are great for a lot of reasons.

One of the Megamind videos from X Factor.

Here he is calling the parents of a girl who threw her phone onstage

His boyband uniform is stripes and suspenders.

His favorite dance move is thrusting, followed by "Stop the Traffic, Let the People Through" (demonstrated in the Sugarscape interview with Liam) and "Pat the Dog, Screw in the Lightbulb."

His laugh is ADORABLE

And his face is RIDICULOUS

Woooo, take it off Louis. I don't understand why they all wear their shirts buttoned all the way up.

Here he is JUMPING OVER HARRY, who must be over six feet.



You can't blame him for thrusting when these are his other dance moves:

Louis taking off his suspenders:

(This was tweeted by Liam with the caption "Louis was attacked by a bear")

Here's an interview where they are asked to seduce the camera with a mouth full of pizza. The interviewer brings up "Louis' booty"

Part 6
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