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Zayn Malik

Zayn is from Bradford. He is half Pakistani and half British, and he was bullied when he was younger because of it. He's 19 now and the second oldest in the band. He is portrayed as the Bad Boy~ which is kind of hilarious because his vices are smoking and getting really awful tattoos.


His tattoos:

Apparently this says Walter in Arabic because that's his grandpa's name. Excuse the fan writing.

Yin and yang symbol

Crossed fingers

A heart that's apparently covering up this old tattoo saying "born lucky" in Chinese?

A playing card

Some writing that apparently says "be true to who you are" in Arabic.This is also his twitter pic.

A feather, which I just found out about while looking for pictures of his tattoos

And finally, a puzzle piece.

Actually, he may have just gotten another tattoo? Here's what it looks like:

HE DID GET THE TATTOO. Here are Harry and Louis making fun of it.

He apparently really likes comics and he likes to draw pictures of other members of the band with huge muscles and other "funny things" like that. His twitter is full of "philosophical" tweets that the other boys have made fun of in interviews. I say this with love, but he is not the smartest in the band. He had never been on a plane before the band, and he's pretty shy. On the X Factor, he was so uncomfortable about dancing in front of other people that he tried to hide and Simon Cowell had to go find him and bring him out (see video farther down). He's also really, really pretty.

Ugh what a beautiful hipster

What are those gloves, is he into falconry or something?



This picture was tweeted by Liam with the caption "Oooooooooo". Oh, Liam.

A lot of fans like to talk about how vain he is and make fun of him, but he seems like a funny, sweet guy and he's pretty cool about it. Apparently he once tweeted "Don't worry guys, I lost my mirror" or something along those lines. I don't have proof or anything though, so don't take my word for it.

Here's the video of him dancing on the X Factor before One Direction was formed. Check out Liam next to him and Harry behind him for hilarity. In this, Zayn just makes me go :(

Here's a Sugarscape interview where he talks about his first kiss.

Here's an interview where he is given a zebra, and he gets SO EXCITED about adopting this zebra. The whole interview is great for Liam and Zayn pretending to be Jigglypuff and Pikachu respectively and everyone talking about how Liam's bad habit is getting excited, but the zebra is within the first two minutes.


I can't find a video right now, but there was one signing where Zayn and Harry sat next to each other and Harry spent the entire time asking girls out for Zayn. During the signing, Zayn told a girl that she looked like someon he knows, and Harry said "Yeah, his future girlfriend." This is how Zayn reacted:

Lately he's come out of his shell~ and he's been goofing around a lot more. I don't have any videos and I don't feel like finding them right now, but he's just generally been acting more confident, and that's cool. Here's a gif of him being foolish at a show:

I almost forgot to put in that Zayn/sleep is the otp to rule all otps. He falls asleep EVERYWHERE, apparently on the shoulder of whoever he happens to be next to. Here is evidence:

With Liam

With Louis

With Niall

With a sandwich

He supposedly direct messages girls on twitter and asks them to hook up, and he is just a hilarious human being. He is WONDERFUL. But enough about Zayn.

Part 4: Niall
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